Title I Information

Title I is a federal grant that provides financial assistance to local educational agencies and schools with high numbers and percentages of children from low-income families. Title I is meant to ensure all children have a fair, equal opportunity to obtain a high quality education and ensure all children meet challenging state academic standards.

Title I focuses on servicing children who are failing, or most at risk of failing to meet state academic standards. Title I funds are federal dollars given to states, then Indiana issues the money to school districts. Title I funding falls into two categories:

• Title I targeted assistance school programs – serve only those students who are at risk of failing
• Title I funds for school-wide programs – serve all students in the school

Title I Goals:
• To meet the educational needs of low-achieving students
• To provide enriched and accelerated educational programs, including reading, writing and math achievement
• To ensure high-quality academic assessments
• To close the achievement gap between students from various backgrounds
• To accomplish the goals of Title I
• Teacher Preparation and Training

For any questions about Title I at Inspire Academy, please contact our office at 765-216-7980 or email
us at info@inspiremuncie.org.

ESSER III Funding Allocation:

1. 80% of funds dedicated to Learning Loss and Accelerated Learning – $773,000

  • Extension programs – $314,000
    • IASK Tutoring – Implementing cost-free after school tutoring to help students experiencing learning gaps
    • Intervention Curriculum – Targeted Math and ELA curriculum to address learning losses caused by COVID-19
    • Fieldwork and exploration – Creating opportunities for equitable participation in exploratory learning and community engagement
  • Targeted Instructional Support – $459,000
    • Test Coordinator/Data Coach – Test Coordinator/Data Coach runs school wide standardized testing procedures and advises teachers on academic intervention based on test results.
    • Certified staff – Adding certified teachers to reduce class sizes for improved quality and social distancing capacity.


2. 20% of funds dedicated to Administrative Expenses – $191,000

  • Outdoor learning – $64,000
    • Wetlands deck – An outdoor classroom space designed to make outdoor instruction more accessible and commonplace
    • Outdoor Research Equipment – Expanding onsite outdoor learning opportunities
    • Ropes Course – Long-term, adventure-oriented outdoor learning space
  • Technology Enhancements – $118,000
    • Student and staff device upgrades – Ensuring outdated devices are replaced and 1:1 device ratio is maintained
    • Tech supplies and accessories – Maintaining sufficient stock of chargers and headphones for student and staff devices.
  • Social Distance Equipment – $9,000
    • Cafeteria seating – Adding cafeteria tables with pre-spaced seating to accommodate social distancing in cafeteria