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Sixth Grade

Inspire Academy Middle School

Restructured as of Spring 2019!

In order to best serve our students’ academic needs and still hold firm to our beliefs on what is best for students and our community, Inspire Academy Middle School will shift the delivery of instruction into two formats:  Targeted Virtual Learning and Expeditions.


Targeted Virtual Learning:

Through Targeted Virtual Learning, students will be exposed to grade level standards across a variety of subject areas using Apex Learning.  Students will be expected to be leaders of their own learning as they work through the curriculum independently, guided by Inspire Academy licensed teachers, who are partners in the discovery and exploration process.  



Students will be able to choose an expedition with a topic that they would like to become an expert in.  

  • Expeditions will have a writer’s workshop component in which students will be reading complex texts and learning how to write with a purpose.  Writer’s Workshops will be structured around an EL Education Module. Writer’s Workshop will be lead by Ms. Julie Bailey assisted by Ms. Diana Kutis.  Inclusion Teachers will be scheduled to support the Middle School students who need help meeting the goals set forth in their Individualized Education Plans during Writer’s Workshop.  This portion of the day will take place in Ms. Bailey’s classroom.

  • Expeditions will also have a Community Connections component in which students will be exposed to math design, historical context, and service learning.  Mr. Michael Smith and Mr. Alan Van Wyk will be collaborating and leading this portion of Expedition together. The Community Connection portion of students’ day should enrich the concepts and topics that students are learning about during Writer’s Workshop.  This portion of the day will take place in Mr. Van Wyk’s classroom.


General Daily Schedule:


Breakfast, Open Gym, Study Hall

8:00-8:45 TVL

Science 6, 7, 8

8:45-9:30 TVL

Math 6, 7, 8, Algebra, Geometry


(Fri. Health)

PE/Art (Students in Expedition Groups)

10:25-11:15 TVL

ELA 6, 7, 8

11:15-12:00 TVL



Crew (Students in crews)



1:05-2:00 EXP

(Fri. Achieve3000)

Writer’s Workshop & Community Connections - Students in Expedition Groups

2:05-3:00 EXP

(Fri. Community Circle)

Writer’s Workshop & Community Connections - Students in Expedition Groups

Spring 2019 Elective Options:

Mr. Michael Leading

Mr. Van Wyk Leading

Ms. Bailey Leading


Spanish I

Music Appreciation

French 1

Developmental Reading

Creative Writing

Health (Mr. David Leading)


Expedition Options:  Quarter 3

Expedition Title

Finding Home

Analyzing various refugee experiences across several cultures, in order to raise awareness about the refugee experience in our country today and throughout history.

The People Could Fly

Analyzing the writing of and crafting our own powerful stories of African Americans throughout history, who, despite hardships, improved our world.

Guiding Questions

What is home?

What common themes unify a refugee experience?

Why do people flee home?

What is assimilation?


What makes a story captivating?

What are the characteristics of a high quality children’s book?

What common themes unify the African American experience?

What are some untold stories from the African American experience?


Anchor Texts

Inside Out and Back Again, and various historical texts

The People Could Fly, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass The Last Day of Slavery and various other children’s books and historical texts

Possible Fieldwork & Expert  Opportunities

Exodus Organization, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Levi Catharine Coffin Center, National Underground Railroad Center

Final Products & Events

Refugee Poem and artwork

African American untold experiences children’s book


Expedition Options:  Quarter 4

Expedition Title

Raise Your Voice

Studying and practicing the art of spoken word to raise awareness about gun violence and other culturally relevant issues.

Sustaining Ecosystems

Educating the community on ways we can have a positive or negative impact on our environment.

Guiding Questions


How can individuals with different perspectives on an issue work together to find a solution?

What styles of persuasion are most effective when debating a current issue in society?

What are the common elements of spoken word and a poetry slam?



How do choices we make in Muncie affect the balance of our ecosystem?

How can one species affect another species in the ecosystem?

How does pollution affect our wildlife?



Anchor Texts

Bronx Masquerade, Monster, Bill of Rights, Heller vs. D.C.

A World Without Fish, Flush

Fieldwork & Expert  Opportunities

Louder Than a Bomb in Chicago, Earlham College, Monroe Township Conservation Club

The Indianapolis Zoo, The Newport Aquarium

Final Products & Events

Wear Orange Day, June 7th, Spoken Word Performance

Better World Day, May 3rd, Water and Wildlife Infographic


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